Kid Carpet The Advert Break

Kid Carpet Press Release May 2010

The Advert Break – Free download available now

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The Advert Break is the brand new miniscule concept album by Kid Carpet.

And it’s brought to you absolutely free.

Featuring nine songs and jingles for genuine adverts that are currently on the telly, internet and in print.

Kid Carpet courted the most evil advertising executives in the business and has ended up rich with this string of hit commercials.

With these brand new Kid Carpet tracks (which you can download above or below!), The Advert Break weighs in at 8 minutes and 2 seconds, way smaller than a mini album this is a Tiny Concept Album Maxi Single.

Go Get Yourself a Hammer
Mystical Shit
Nuclear Bomb
Boob Job
Cups of Tea
Camomile & Lemonbalm

Kid Carpet offers this fully comprehensive advertising and jingle package totally free of charge.

Please contact Kid carpet to resolve all your advert and jingle needs. Prices start from a fiver and go all the way up to a million pounds. For a million pound advert Kid Carpet guarantees the use of orchestras and a helicopter.

This is Kid Carpet’s first release for nearly 2 years.

Please help yourself, tell a friend, play it on your radio show, write a review or give me a hand making a little shout about it if you can. It’s free.

Thank you, have fun out there,

Kid Carpet