Forthcoming shows

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Neighbours Spring Tour 2015

26th May – HOUNSLOW Arts Centre MIDDLESEX 02037 432329

28th/29th May – LEICESTER Spark Festival @ The Curve 0116 2423539

30th May – MARGATE Theatre Royal KENT 01843 292795

31st May – IPSWICH Pulse Festival @ New Wolsey 01473 295900

6th June – LONDON Greenwich Theatre 020 8858 7755

7th June – SALE Waterside Arts Centre 0161 9125616

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  1. PLEASE come back up North! I haven’t seen you since I ditched la roux to see you at the side tent at bestival last year (what an AWESOME festival too, I’ve converted afew mates to the kid carpet side!!)

    Ali from Alifax

    (also in star and garter, manchester)

  2. Kid you must come back up to Glasgow again!
    I am pushing the Mini Album out to all the social sites I frequent, so here’s hoping you get someone who can get the helicopter option sorted for you!

    Oran Mhor – off Byres Road would be the PERFECT VENUE for “The Kid”

    “Rock n Roll”

  3. Hello, We’re thinking we may take our 7-year-old, who loves your CD, to see you in Aldershot. Is your show suitable for children this young? Thanks, Rhodri.

  4. Welcombe Children’s Group would like to thank you very much for coming down to deepest Devon with your show. It was a fantastic performance and we all really enjoyed it. The adults got as much out of it as the children. We would recommend it to everyone! The school run was highly entertaining today with the CD keeping us all singing along!

    1. Sorry Wendy. we tried but no joy. but as the show’s working out really well it’s looking like we’ll try and tour the show again in 2013. hopefully we’ll get north proper at some point *Kc

  5. Our 4 year-old boy won the dancing competition in Aldershot, shyly declining to proclaim his ego, and has been singing “Gorilla!” ever since. Thank you for a singularly wonderful experience.

  6. Been meaning to post this for a while. We saw you at the afternoon performance at the MAC in brimingham- I was the one struggling with the grumpy 10 year old in the wheelchair -I was thinking I may have had to abandon ship if he didn’t calm down but right from the first G of Gorrilla he was hooked – as was my 6 year old (and my mother!) A truly brilliant piece of theatre and totally beguilling for kids. I find myself playing the CD even when the kids aren’t in the car!
    Sharon Hopwood

    (ps A friend was really gutted that she couldn’t make it and was prepared to make the trip to the Leicester performance as advertised on the leaflet but we can’t seem to find you on the Spark Festival line up – is this one not happeneing now?)

    1. hi Sharon, thanks for the lovely post.
      i remember clocking your son as he was protesting pre-show, i got a bit worried and was very happy to see that he was enjoying himself quite soon in (we’ve had a few screamers!). i couldn’t believe it when you all took to the dancefloor. you probably should’ve won the contest but it’s up to Badger and his judgement

      unfortunately the we’re not doing the Leicester show anymore. boo

      G G G G G G Gorilla


      1. Ah Boo! She may well have to make a slightly more genteel trip to Malvern then.

        Just to say also that my son, (hey let’s give him a name eh? He’s Tom) now won’t let a car trip go by without your cd. He has very few words and usually ‘observes’ the music rather than joins in but I can safely say he has parts of virtually every song that he sings along with. His ‘Nowwww’ in The Good Bit is hilarious, as is his well timed ‘Yess’ in I Am A Badger’.

        Think I may just have to come along to Malvern as well at this rate!

  7. We came to see you in Ipswich yesterday – it was fabulous – my 6 year old daughter loved it very much and even persuaded me to buy your cd – which we put on straight away in the car then she listened to it in bed last night – obviously our favourite song was the poo in the forest! We have the exact same gorilla here so he has been upto all sorts of adventures here!!
    Thanks again for an excellent show – be sure to come back and visit Ipswich again. Helen 🙂

  8. Hi there Ed Is there any possibility you would be able to come and headline our outdoor classroom stage at our summer fair on 30th June at Glenfrome
    School in Eastville, it is short notice but will will have good PA equipment and the stage is in a natural aphitheatre and there would be fun things for your family to do if you wanted to make it a local afternoon out. Hi to Isobel from Chrissy (we meet in Eastville library sometimes and I’m Justin Quinnells wife) my email is Absolutely no prob if you don’t fancy it but equally we would love you forever even more if you could fit us in for 30 or 40 mins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      1. Hi Ed,

        Should have asked you sooner…

        Are you interested in playing on Sunday 28th July as part of the Bristol Harbour Festival as a headliner on the ss Great Britain / BBC stage? We’re trying to keep the family friendly vibe we had last year and you would go down a storm!

        Give me a shout if you’re interested.



      2. hello Keith,

        thanks for the invite.
        i think we’ve booked in to go away for the weekend with family.
        but just in case, what would the crack be with times and fee etc?

        email me on this here email:
        kid_carpet AT yahoo DOT co DOT you kay


  9. Hi,

    I am interested in booking you for an event in Bristol, but can not find any contact details on how to do this? i hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

      1. definitely coming to warwick arts centre in december.
        not sure if mac have confirmed or not yet but i’d love to return there. was wicked last time.
        could you ask them to get us back….?

  10. We came to the show on Saturday and my four year old was in heaven. He’s been obsessively singing Super Duper Space Rocket ever since. Thanks again!

    1. Not yet, sorry. have booked the show but not yet decided where to put us. I’d love to play Narberth again but it’s up to them. If we both mail them perhaps they’ll decide that Narberth is the place?

    1. here’s where we’re a goin’
      Tuesday 19th – Richard Price Centre in Llangeinor, Bridgend at 1.30pm CF32 8PF

      Wednesday 20th – Phillipstown Primary School, New Tredegar (Time to be confirmed but pm) NP24 6XE

      Thursday 21st November – Most likely a venue in Cardiff – will advise as soon and we have it confirmed.

  11. I promised my wife I would write to you ages ago. I fear I may have left this too late. To summarise, back in October my little boy asked Father Christmas for some “rocket boosters”, but we as parents thought that the big guy might deem this undertaking I feasible or fraught with danger, and so we instead bought tickets to come and see you perform the Blast Off show in Reading this afternoon. Consequently, if a little blonde boy or girl (his sister) comes up to you today, asking if you are one of Santa’s helpers, please could you nod knowingly? A grateful mummy and daddy.

  12. Hi. You’re not going to get many sales at the Fareham venue as it doesn’t show it on the booking page of its website!

  13. Actually, you have to click on the calendar on the Ashcroft site to buy tickets not the Quick Buy (which doesn’t work!)

    1. hi Kate,
      we did Bristol Old Vic to kick the tour off as part of Mayfest.
      should be returning in October.
      i’ll try and be a better publicist

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