Ed Patrick took a ten pound note to a car-boot-sale in a multi-storey car park, bought a plastic toy guitar, a casio keyboard, returned home as Kid Carpet and began a ridiculous musical journey that he’s been on for nearly twenty years.

He’d tired of attempting to make-it with serious bands making ‘proper’ music. It was the early 2000’s, wars were looming, he was long-term unemployed, his brother had recently died and he had an unrelenting urge to scream, shout and try something new. 

Kid Carpet was a bit of a joke, a piss-take fun ride that ran away with itself. A man playing with kids toys, using goofy samples and swearing a lot didn’t sound like something that should work but something about the energy, the sense of humour and childish wonder seemed to click with party audiences. 

Shit Dope was released by Cardiff label Slow Graffiti Records in 2004 and Radio 1 picked up on it.

Kid Carpet had brightly coloured plastic ’instruments’ that looked good in magazine photos and his kit was small, was easily transportable and so Kid Carpet made for an easy and interesting support act to have on tour. Hundreds of gigs got smashed as support and as headliner in rock venues, nightclubs, festivals and arts centres around the UK.

Ideas & Oh Dears followed on London label Tired and Lonesome in 2005. The album launch was in the same multi-storey car park where it all began.

Between gigging all the time and not really knowing where he was going Kid Carpet took a long while to get another album together. Casio Royale came out in 2008 on Sunday Best records but by that time the momentum had gone. 

Ed needed a new direction to follow, had started a family and was uncertain what to do next.

He thought he might make a kids album and after scrolling through his phone recordings found he had hundreds of ditties that he’d recorded while playing with his son.

Kid Carpet put some of those songs together and approached The Tobacco Factory and Theatre Bristol with an idea for a theatre/music gig/cinema experience event which, with the help of some friends evolved into Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals, a theatre show for children and their grown ups alike, with puppetry, video projection and catchy lo-fi punk-pop bangers.

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals began in 2011 and has since made six shows, usually with accompanying music releases and pop videos. The car-boot-sale aesthetic and sense of humour are still evident and the songs sometimes get played on national radio.

Since the early days of Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals people have been saying “this should be on TV” and it’s been an ambition of Ed’s for a long time to make it happen. 

Noisy TV is a three-part mini-series which follows The Noisy Animals at home, is silly and chaotic and has a ton of catchy tunes.

Follow at youtube.com/thenoisyanimals


  1. Hello Kid Carpet,
    i saw your show a few years ago in Schaffhausen/Switzerland. It was great!
    Now i wanted to ask you if you`re interested to play again here in another place (Cardinal/http://www.clubcardinal.ch/). Me and couple of friends run an icecream shop (www.elbertin.ch) and celebrate the end of the season on october the second. Would you be interested to play then? Maybe we could find you another gig the day before to share the costs. What do you think?
    Kind regards

  2. Came to see Kid Carpet and Noisy Band at Birmingham MAC – we (the supposed grown ups) loved it loads and so did our 5 year old. We haven’t stopped singing ‘Bear on a Boat in a Bath’ and ‘Doin a poo in the forest’. We would love to see the show again!

  3. Saw the show in Cardiff today with my 4 year old and 11 month old. Baby slept through most of it, but my daughter and I loved it – best kids show we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a few!). Excellent introduction to rock gig etiquette – I now feel confident sending her off to her first concert to mosh and air guitar safely. Thank you Kid Carpet.

  4. We saw the noisy animals back in April at the New Wolsey. We all loved it, our 1 year old was hooked on watching all the visuals and he is not interested in telly at all. We loved the songs and we keep singing the counting song all the time (it’s more fun than singing the bog standard abc song at the dinner table). It’s our 5 year olds birthday party this weekend and he asked me this morning if we could have a dance contest, any chance you could post your template poster, I know he’d get such a kick out of it!

  5. Can you help? I need a comedy performance for an event to take place in June 2016.

    About the event: It will be a celebration of achievement for young people ages 18 – 21 who were in foster care and are now living independently. It will be held in Bristol and I am considering the Lantern Room at the Colston Hall or the Circomedia centre at St Paul’s church Portland Square. The lantern room has been provisionally booked for 16th June, but we could change this to another date. The venue will be set out with round tables in cabaret style and with a buffet for around 100 guests. I require a comedian who can give a ½ hr performance before awards are presented. Ideally, the comedy material should focus on achieving success and aspirations / ambitions for the future.

    I will meet with young people on 7th October to plan this event and will share with them a number of options for entertainment acts and venues. If you are invested in this – please send me a link to a YouTube video of them performing which I can share with young people so that they can make a choice.

    Nigel Shipley – South Gloucestershire Council nigel.shipley@southglos.gov.uk

  6. Dear Mr Carpet
    I recently heard your song Fire Breathing Dragon on Gideon Coe’s programme on Radio Six and found it most agreeable. In fact, it’s far superior to anything in the Hit Parade! I understand that it is included on your new record, Dogmeat, and am keen to buy a CD copy. However, my local record retailer is unable to discover who the distributor is, and I cannot find it in any of the internet shops either. I would be very grateful if you could tell me where I can buy a copy. I also hope one day to see one of your shows.
    Yours sincerely

    1. Hi Pete,
      thanks for your mail. Dogmeat is released on Saturday 13th. Primarily at my Bristol show at The Exchange on the compact disc format but also through bandcamp.com as cd and download. i’ve just popped it into the tunecore toaster too and so it should be available on lots of digital stores which i’ve never heard of. and spotify.
      take it steady

  7. Came to see you and your show today at Colchester arts centre with my 5 year Laxmi who won the dance completion. You were brilliant. Couldn’t stop chair dancing myself! Can’t wait to see your show again. Also have bought some of your music since booking the tickets – brilliant!
    Thanks for making my laxmi and I really happy for an afternoon!

  8. Hi,

    I went to my (the last?) Ashton Court music festivsl in the 2010s, and can’t confirm Kid Carpet was there. I may need to see Kid Carpet again… . Can you confirm?

  9. Hi! We’re putting on a family Christmas Festival with The Little Things Magazine on the 16th dec from 10 – 3 at Komedia, Bath. We have 25 stalls, facepainting, storytelling, yoga, play, bands and more – we’ve got Rocktopia on stage and thought it would be a brilliant audiencd for you and your unique sound! We were hoping you’d be keen to do a half hour or hour set, any time between 10 – 3.

    Our festival poster and stallholder details are all on our Twitter, instagram and Facebook pages but I can email anything over to you if you send your address. Thanks, Lauren of kin @kin_bath.

    1. Hi Lauren. Thanks for your interest in booking me for a show.
      Sorry but I’ll be performing my new xmas show, Snow Globe in Bristol on the 16th of December.
      Best wishes for your events.
      Ed (Kid Carpet)

  10. Hi Kid Carpet. We brought our six year old to come and see The Snow Globe on Boxing Day and I thought it was comedy genius! We are still singing the songs….Sam’s particular favourite was ‘ Black Ice’. A total treat….thank you! Annie and Sam

  11. Took my two girls (6 & 3) to see Noisy Holiday at BAC during half term and they are still singing “go, go, go…” and “it’s raining, it’s pouring, stuck in the tent” continuously!! They absolutely loved your show, as did I!

  12. Dear Mr Carpet,
    My children loved your Noisy Holiday show when we saw it earlier this year. I am wondering if I can book you for a gig at our village festival we are planning for June next year? Can you email me? May thanks

  13. HI kC

    ive been to a couple of your shows in Bristol with my kids, loved them, any plans for something this xmas 2018 in Bristol/bath way?
    thanks Daniella

  14. Hi I would like to know when your Christmas show is on and where. Haven’t got long now left. Went to the pantomime at the hippo which was GREAT but still didn t engage my son as much as your show did. Can you let me know asap. Also if u have any kids sound tracks out?

    1. Hi Ananda,
      thanks for getting in touch. unfortunately I have no xmas show on this year, sorry to disappoint.
      KC cd’s and downloads including songs and albums for children are available through my bandcamp site. Noisy Animals, Blast Off!, Noisy Nativity and Noisy Holiday are available to download but Noisy Holiday and Blast Off! are the only ones currently available on CD.

      Merry Chrimbo ho ho *KC


  15. Hi Ed, Went to see you many years ago, supporting the Presidents of the United States. Loved the show! Bought the T-shirt and actually wore it at the Prodigy concert last year. Introduced Kid Carpet to my girlfriend today and she loves your music! Will you be playing in The Netherlands again in the near future? Take care! Eric Jansen

  16. Hello Mr Carpet

    We came to see you at the tobacco factory at Christmas and meant to thank you back then. The show was nothing short of genius for me and my partner and I’d have watched it without the kids – although, perhaps that would have been a little weird. Anyway, my son and daughter totally loved it too. They have been playing the CD all year – it’s on right now which is what reminded me to get in touch. In fact that is what my 7 year old son wanted me to tell you – that he loved the show so much he’s still playing it half a year later (a long time for him).

    We really hope you hang in there and are at the forefront of the huge resurgence in live performance that we’ll see in 2021!

    Thanks again.

    1. Bless these Hamiltons. Thanks Andy.
      Check the Noisy Animals in Isolation vid if you’ve not seen it yet.
      Good luck with the continued weird

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