Second Hand Identity Project

I’m performing in an exciting experimental new show/thingy with my friend Jet McDonald next weekend for SITE festival IN A CHIPSHOP in Stroud.

we’ve only just written it and have hardly any time to practice so it’ll be really rough and you will definitely see all the wires and sellotape and maybe even watch the wheels fall right off. 3 performances of the same piece which will be completely different and yet the same each time

WARNING: contains War, Space, Normandy, Somerset, Food, Chess, Alan Titchmarsh, The Queen Mother and John Motson












Second Hand Identity Project – An experimental performance

Ed Patrick (Kid Carpet) and Jet McDonald collaborate on a new performance experiment. Second Hand Identity changes with every show.

A famous novel gets adapted for the charity chipshop! Charity shops and car boot sales are gleaned to provide all the characters and props which are sold, auctioned or somehow got rid of by the end of the piece. One performance may be about Princess Diana and located on a chessboard, the next could be about He-Man and set in Skegness. Somehow the story and songs remain the same.

Saturday 26th May 11.30 am, 2.30 pm & 4.30 pm
Golden Fish Bar, London Road, Stroud GL5 2AA





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