1. Hey KC. let it be known that we were at the show in Brighton on Saturday and it rocked. Will shortly purchase CD for me and my two Boys (current fave defo I am a Badger), wondering if “Good Bit” is on the album? awesome show and really hope to catch you again soon. You have become my 6 yr olds vision of a “rock star”, goow work. Tim.

    1. thanks Tim and the boys.
      Brighton rocked big time. goow work indeed!!

      all the tracks from the show are on the album, including The Good Bit and 5 other bonus songs.

      check the poo in the forest vid if you’ve not yet seen it.
      thanks again, *Kc

  2. i can’t actually get the boys to watch anything else at the moment. did the chap who made the vid make all the animations for the show? they’re all brilliant.

  3. My son Rufus loved you at Camp Bestival on Saturday. Listened to the CD four times on the way back to Carlisle. Are you touring near there soon and if so where can we get tickets?

  4. hello my name is Angel(age 7).I saw you at camp Bestival in the little big top.Have you ever had a little poo in the forest?

    1. hi Angel. i have done many poos in lots of different forests and other places. none were as tricky as using a portaloo though.
      kid carpet (very old)

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