1. Great. looking forward to this. And I get to take my 2 daughters; they’re not quite ready for Reading.

    Still hoping to hear some kid carpet classics. Shiny Shiny New would be ace; always reminds me of “She watch Channel zero”


    1. thanks Jason. you won’t get old Carpet classics at the show i’m afraid but you do get all the new classics. stuff written specially for kids and it rocks as hard as a Gorilla on a drum kit!

  2. Hi – we saw the show on Saturday in Oxford and I’ve written the review. I believe I need to wait until it’s posted, but when that’s done, i’ll let you have a copy. Thanks a lot, Fiona.

  3. Saw you in the Egg Theatre in Bath today. We bought the CD and have been rocking out to ‘Having a Poo in the Forest’ all afternoon!! Brilliant. Melanie

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